Come Here Floyd - 415 Indie Fascination

Come Here Floyd features Doe and Deer and their song “Nothing” as part of their regular roundup of indie artists to watch.


Pretty in Noise - Roundhouse Love

Roundhouse Love, a regular feature at Pretty in Noise, showcases songs by independent artists from around the world.

From Pretty in Noise “The duo out of L.A. has released another single and we will close out our series with it today. They released their album in August, which sounds a bit like Wilco and the Kills--a pretty good mix we find. Their last single doesn't show that they come from a hectic city filled with too many cars, but rather gives the impression that they're both sitting on a veranda somewhere on a farm in the middle of the States.”


Mystic Sons - New Music Discovery

Mystic Sons adds Doe and Deer’s “100 Bucks for Hawaiian Joe” to their best new tracks list and shares the accompanying video as part of their New Music Discovery series.


Pretty in Noise- PINTERESSANT 19/29

German music publication Pretty in Noise shares the “100 Bucks for Hawaiian Joe” video.


Vents Magazine - “100 Bucks for Hawaiian Joe” Premiere

Vents Magazine premieres Doe and Deer’s “100 Bucks for Hawaiian Joe” video by Vlada Syrkin Werts. Includes a brief discussion with Christopher Chase Godwin about the making of the video.

From the interview: “I had just seen Lars von Trier’s The House That Jack Built and I had been thinking about the way archival, found and stock footage was used to bridge sections and connect themes that are profound, broad, old or already embedded within other art forms and media like painting, photography and even news footage.”